Let's Improve Your WiFi Mesh?

WiFI & Network

A unstable WiFi network get us stressed on our relaxing moments. YesClient fix your WiFi, establishing a stable, secure connection and make everything work seamlessly!

“Can’t say enough abbot how good my project was done. I would recommend these guys to anyone who appreciates professionalism, punctuality, fair pricing, knowledgeable this installer demonstrated. Thanks again for making my installation look, first class.”

Patrick T. - YesClient 5 Stars Customer - 11.15.2021

Why Do You Need A Home WiFi Solution?

Feeling frustrated by sluggish internet speeds which give you buffering issues or slow downloads to your devices? Are there parts of your home that have unreliable internet connectivity?

If you answered yes to any of these questions above, then YesClient’s Hardwired Home WiFi Package is the solution for you. A seamless high performing home network system will give you high-speed WiFi connection at every corner of your home.

WiFi Everywhere

WiFI Router Setup



Set up a router perfectly, connect your computer to the WiFi, and all of your other devices to the wireless network. Feel the freedom and connectivity of a strong WiFi connection.

Hardwired WiFi Routers



Guarantees the best performance regardless of the type and size of home with WiFi Hardwired Solutions that include running physical ethernet cables (thru attics, interior or exterior walls) in order to connect all WiFi routers directly to your internet modem.

WiFI Mesh Setup



YesClient can set up your WiFi repeater and WiFi booster extender to extend your WiFi range. Get connected in every room with a YesClient WiFi Signal Extension service.

Let's Improve Your Home WiFi?